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I*                                LIFE   OF
hi&toxian, it was therefore natural tlva-t  ho Hlxould bo
an attraction for Alexander, whoso phimtawy was
filled with images of a t.rauHatlaiities Ktvrang'o world,
which Oairupe, the editor of " .Robinwoti/' had
awakened in him, and tho longing for tho pornonal
knowledge of fabulous district^ for bold soa jonnuvyw
arid now discovorioH w«us (excited in him, wlioii
Forstor told of his journey round tho world. Tlm«
IPorsfcor was the first portentous indlvidiudifcy, BUT-
rounded by tho anyntoriouH halo of a transatlantic
journoy, W)K> buoaino more oloHoly allied to A.i<H!X.-
*ANJDRR VON lIxrMTiOTjm Ho wa,H a man of boldncBB
4nd fertility of 'mind, full of a holy wtriviiipf for
liberty, whosii inborn, lovo of fnnu.lom had boon, in-
croaked by hi« early journoyw to a JHJW world, ami
could ill-<l<)tnesiiicta»te itself in tho narrow (jonnan
iiw, and who wan at tho same tune a dotortninod
of tho onlightoning rago thoti prtivaU^ut in
Berlin. Tho l>rotli(*.rs Htrmboldt had, from their
•childhood, rtymainod far from any contact with the
llttlotmHHOH of Prussian olHcualw, but <iliortwhcsd a true
patriotism fronx th.oir lil>oral idean, developed 'In tln^
vicinity of an intolligcn'xt motiaroh,; tho friio idoaB
of l^orntor., his bold spirit, and hin racy nnprojudi<je<l
•mariner of thinking had (Ju^rcrforo a lanting influonco
on. tho yotmg IriondB, and foundcul atid dovo'loptsd,
especially irx Aloxandor'w ^haractor, that filature of
citizenship which IB one of *hi« noblest charactoriKi'.ioH-
During tho Hummer of 1788, Forntc^r livo<i witti hm
wife at tho IIOUHO of hin father-in-law, Jloyuci, in
G(>ttii:xgOTiSi and in tho atittmm of that yc^ar 'h<,* w<^n.d
to fill liiB now appointment at JVfayonco., wluvn^ ho won
councillor and librarian of tho university thou*^xiHi,itjjf
th(^ro. That ho made an impression also on tho oldor
brother William would bo alouc^ provod by tih<i laofc
that soon after Forster\H removal' frotn UoMingtw ho
stayed with him four days on tho oct^wioa of u'KIune
Both brothers sought arid vahiod Forntor'n accjitaint*
and  eixtered into an ultimate friendship with